Selected Sculpture


Participatory installation with small sculptures.

Visitors take the needle from a pin cushion at the entrance and they prick it into the objects. Objects are hurt little by little by the hands of people. Uncertainty species of the object's shape can be possible to overlaid human's image. Participants notice their own sadistic (or a masochistic) mind by ecstasy with pricking needle feeling. This work visualize small berserk acts of a large number of human such as Violence that slander such as recent years anonymous writing and extreme gossip of the internet.


Small sculptures with antique goods and daily necessities.

Comparison between hard metal material and a soft material of the sculptures.
Small mysterious creatures have been hurt by a metal such as sharp needles or old scissors, express pain of life.
Sensitive people who live in civilized society feel mental distress.
Too much tattoos and body piercing,wrist cut and SM play,such acts come from for the sake of being released from the repression.
We also live with the insecurity of a messed-up economic and political situation. The work represents these circumstances and feelings but with plenty of humour and irony.



Sculptures with torso of a mouse, and legs of a human.

This half-human and half-mouse composition as image of figure of own Hamster performance.



Sculptures using plastic resin.

Sculptures using human body lifecasting.


Installation using abandoned house.300 handmade bird's heads.